7 Actionable Tips To Remember Which Breast You Last Fed On

It is not a secret that mothers should alternate their breasts when they start a new nursing session. You should remember which breast you last fed your baby on to offer another one next time. But do you always remember which breast you nursed on last? If you have a problem identifying what breast to start your nursing session with, learn some tried-and-true tips below.

How Can You Understand What Side You Nursed the Previous Feeding?

Use a Safety Pin

How to remember which side you breastfed on last? #breastfeedingtips #newmomtips

You can fasten a safety pin to your bra on the side you started your nursing session the previous time. You should change the side of a safety pin every feeding to remember which side to start next time. 

It is possible to use any other item instead of a safety pin such as a ribbon or a clasp-pin. Stick to what you are comfortable with.

Use a Bracelet 

There are a lot of special feeding bracelets for mothers in the market. They are usually made of silicone and have two sides by turning of which you may indicate what breast you have fed your baby on. 

Of course, you can use a conventional bracelet for this purpose, and move it from one wrist to another every feeding session. Pay your attention to soft bracelets that will not hurt your wrist and will be safe for your child. 

Use a Hair Scrunchy

Bracelets are not for you? I think you definitely use hair scrunchies in your everyday life. So, why not use it as a feeding reminder? Alternate wrists every time you nurse your child to remember which breast to start with next time. 

A hair scrunchy also should not be too tight for your wrist to avoid some unpleasant sensations. 

Use a Ring

Do you like wearing rings? Great! Because you can use one of them to remember which side you should start your breastfeeding. Use it just in the same way as a bracelet, and put it on your right or left palm’s finger depending on a breast you are breastfeeding with. 

Use a Thing to Remember 

Leave some reminder in the place where you feed your little one. The reminder can be some clothes, a blanket or a bib. Place it on the right or left side of your chair, for example. Or use a pillow to indicate which breast you should start nursing next feeding. 

Use an Phone App

We live in a modern world when smartphones are an integral part of our lives. So, use it to remind yourself what breast to use for your next feeding session. Such an app will also help you with many other issues, for example, time of breastfeeding, height and weight control, diaper changes and more.

Use a Baby Journal

A baby journal is a good idea for those who prefer writing all the important things down. Thus, you can remember some useful information about your little one including naps, stool changes, feeding sides and time and other things. 

As you can see, there are many ways to remember which breast to start your next nursing session. You can choose two-three methods from the list above or invent your own. Just go with what fits you best. 

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