Top-5 Tips To Master Breastfeeding After C-Section

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If you give birth to a baby by a C-section, this does not mean that you won’t be able to breastfeed. The surgical delivery does give a negative effect upon the process of establishing lactation but it is possible to overcome all difficulties. Here are some recommendations on breastfeeding for new moms after a C-section. If you follow these tips, you’ll easily succeed.

If you are waiting for the planned surgical delivery, get ready for it in advance. Let your doctor know about your desire to breastfeed after the surgery.  

Here’s my very first and most important tip to c-section moms (actually, all pregnant women):

Educate yourself about breastfeeding while you are still pregnant! 

The Milkology Breastfeeding Class will save you tons of time (because you can watch it online any time) and nerves. This is by far the best course I’ve taken about breastfeeding (and, believe me, I have some experience here, both online and offline in my local area). The videos are short, yet full of helpful knowledge and examples. The best part about it is that the course costs just $19. And that is, my friend, a real bargain! Totally worth it!

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1. Ask For Doctor’s Help To Arrange Breastfeeding

One of the greatest challenges in C-section moms has to do with the time when they start breastfeeding. Vaginal delivery seems to raise no problem in terms of getting skin-to-skin ASAP. However, everything is different when it comes to C-section patients. The connection with the baby might be a little delayed due to surgery. The mother and her baby are separated from each other for obvious reasons. And in some cases it takes a while for a mom to breastfeed her newborn baby for the first time.

If you consider this important, you can tell your doctor about it. Ask to arrange a breastfeeding session to you sooner. One of the things you should discuss with a medical team is the issue of anesthesia. Not all women want to receive anesthesia during a Cesarean birth as they hope to nurse the baby soon after the delivery. Find out what options are available in your particular case and decide on the best solution.

C-section babies tend to be sleepy due to the effect of pain medicine. This could stand on the way of breastfeeding right after birth. However, don’t get discouraged because there are special techniques stimulating a sleepy baby to stay awake for the first breastfeeding session.

2. Learn The Best Breastfeeding Positions

A vaginal delivery entails many body changes and it takes much time to recover after it. However, this is not so challenging in comparison with a Cesarean birth. A C-section is a surgery that brings much pain. It can have a negative effect on your milk supply.

The main task of a new mother is to heal the wounds at this period. However, some moms give priority to the baby. Mothers need to make and follow a pain management plan that will help to stay relaxed despite the possible problems that may occur postpartum.

It is hard even to sit comfortably when you breastfeed after the surgery. You have to move slowly to take a breastfeeding position that suits you best in order to avoid pain.

3. Have Enough Rest To Heal Faster

A new mother needs to have much rest after a C-section to recover faster but it is quite challenging. The baby is often hungry and asks for the breast every two hours or so. You can manage it easily with the support of close people who can shoulder all household duties and help you with the baby.

There are two possible solutions after the delivery:

  • Some moms prefer to rest while the nurses care about your baby in the nursery. It gives the opportunity for your body to restore its resources.
  • Others give priority to breastfeeding, asking to keep the baby in the same room. In this way, the baby can have access to breast milk whenever they want. The body of a new mom reacts each time she hears a baby’s cry.

The woman may need the assistance of a family member in the room to help her with a newborn baby, especially after a C-section, when the patient needs much rest but still wants to make breastfeeding a part of the usual routine.

4. Consult A Lactation Specialist

The surgery is a big stress for the body so when the baby asks for food after birth, the body may not react to it. It takes time for the body to understand the signals sent by the baby’s suckling.

There is no need to worry if you do not know anything about lactation. There is a special professional expert in the hospital who is responsible for education of new mothers. This person consults moms on the issues connected with it. The expert visits a new mom after childbirth and explains the basics of breastfeeding.

It is a good opportunity to clarify the questions which are unclear to you. A woman after a Cesarean birth can be interested in such a question as the best breastfeeding positions after surgery, for example. It is recommended to choose side-laying position, as a rule. The main thing is to feel relaxed when feeding the baby.

5. Let Your Partner Help You

If you think that you can cope with all problems on your own, this is a totally wrong approach. Your partner should also participate in breastfeeding. It is better for a mom to sleep well at night letting her partner care for the crying baby during this time.

A father can change the diapers, for instance. When the baby is hungry, he can bring the little one to the mom for a breastfeeding session.

A C-section creates many obstacles for mothers, but it is natural to breastfeed after childbirth and you shouldn’t give up on it just because a cesarean birth makes it too difficult to establish good lactation (this is not true, by the way, but you may think like that).

Keep in mind that there are numerous benefits of breastfeeding and establishing a healthy lactation after a C-section is one hundred percent possible! You will recover soon, so you will be able to enjoy the wonderful moments of connection with your baby.

Not everything may go smoothly but you can overcome the challenges using the techniques offered in this article.

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