Baby Gear: 26 First Year Baby Essentials

When you are going to have a child, you understand that your baby will need a lot of different things. Unfortunately, sometimes parents do not actually know what these things are and grab everything they consider appropriate for a child in a store. Calm down and let us explain what your baby will need during their first year. 

A Newborn

  • A care kit. This is a special kit that includes all the items that are necessary to take care of your child. Whenever your baby is sick, has a stuffy nose, excess gas or constipation, this health set will come in handy.
  • A swaddle. There are a lot of different swaddles in the market, so just choose what fits you and your child better. This thing is a lifesaver! Especially for moms who can’t figure out how to swaddle without the baby constantly unravelling himself. The Halo SleepSack stays in place and you don’t even need to take it off for a diaper change. The zipper in the bottom got you covered for that.
  • An infant car seat. The first thing your baby will need to be transferred from the hospital to your house is the car seat. This gear is the absolute must-have. Make sure you choose the car seat that is easy to install and meets the safety specifications. The Britax B-Safe 35 is a reliable, easy-to-install infant car seat. You will need such a gear to secure your baby during car trips. 
  • A stroller. Choose a light and easy to use stroller to make your strolls with a child more comfortable.
  • A warp. You can use a carrier to have your baby with you and do other things around the house.
  • A diaper bag. As soon as your baby gets a little older you’ll be spending more time outside. That’s where a large capacity yet stylish backpack slash diaper bag slash travel bag (see, how many perks it has?) is a great solution. You can put all the necessary things in it. This maternity backpack also includes a padded laptop pocket and it even can maintain the temperature of your baby bottles in the insulated pockets.
  • A swing for a newborn. Of course, you will lull your child asleep yourself, but it is great if you have a swing for your newborn. A swing allows you to have some time to cook, do housework or clean the dishes.

A Baby of 3 Months

  • A soft carrier. As your baby becomes older and more interested in what is going on around them, you may need a special soft carrier that allows you to keep your child near you. The Ergobaby Omni 360 is a great solution you can find at the market. It positions your baby in such a way that your hip and back won’t hurt. 
  • A wearable blanket is a great option for active children. The babies can roll over and even crawl without unwrapping. This blanket can be used as a part of bedtime routine as it is warm, soft and convenient. For example, Burt’s Bees Wearable Blankets are produced from soft cotton and can be closed from bottom to top which makes it easy to change diapers at nighttime. 
  • A night light. Do you worry that your child might feel uncomfortable or disturbed by some noises during a nap or at nighttime? Use the Hatch Rest, a white noise machine and a night light. It drowns out side sounds and voices and eases the process of diaper changing or nursing at night. So you can be sure nothing will prevent your child from sleeping well!

A Baby of 4 Months

  • A teether. A teething baby is the baby who wants to bite everything around him. So you might want to opt for a couple of teethers to ease your baby’s suffering. Choose a Silicone Teether with Clip. It is safe for your baby and can release unpleasant feelings of teething. It is easy fastened to your child’s clothes, so you highly minimize the chances of its falling and becoming all dirty.  
  • Cute socks or nice booties. You should start to use socks or soft booties for your child to become aware of their feet and prepare them for the first steps. These Cozie Fleece Baby Booties are super soft, warm and cute. They won’t fall down your child’s feet thanks to a secure button and an elastic ankle.  

A Baby of 5 Moths

  • A baby jumper or an activity center. Your baby controls her neck and head well? It is high time to introduce a baby jumper or an activity center! They will learn to play with new toys and move their legs as well. Choose the Skip Hop Activity Center and your baby will play with it even in some months. How? It can be changed into a play table! If that’s not cool enough, then what is?
  • Sensory toys. The older your child becomes, the more they are interested in different things around them. Sensory toys, such as the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball or the Sprout Ware Stacking Cups, is a good idea for your baby to get acquainted with the world. In addition, they are easily rolled which makes your child develop crawling skills. A win-win!
  • Play area. A soft play area is a great thing for your child when they start to play more actively, try to sit or walk. The Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles can be attached to each other to create nice patterns. They won’t ruin the interior of your house as many other tiles. These tiles are manufactured from non toxic materials and are tested to EN-71 safety standards. They do not contain formamides, BPA, and phthalates. 

A Baby of 6 Months

  • A chair for feeding. Starting from 6 months, you can introduce solid foods to your baby’s diet. Using a high chair will ease this process significantly. You may choose the 3-in-1 Convertible Wooden High Chair which has a classic and sophisticated design with focus on comfort, safety and stability. It’s perfect for small apartments, easy to clean and it is made of high quality materials.
  • Plates and bowls. In addition to a chair for feeding, you will need some special plates and bowls for your little one, as well as spoons and forks. Munchkin offers a wide range of feeding tools of good quality. For example, suction bowls that will always stay in place or special White Hot Infant Safety Spoons that turn white when food is too hot.
  • A bib. A bib will help to feed your child without getting dirty. You can choose a nice silicone Bella Tunno Wonder Bib which is easy to use and clean. You can adjust the fastening, so your baby will feel comfortable while eating.

A Baby of 7 Months

  • Books. It is just the right time for a child to learn new information. Buy some books for children to help them do it. Choose Sandra Boynton’s books! They are so funny that your baby will definitely be interested in characters.

A Baby of 8 Months

  • Safety plugs and gates. By eight months, the child becomes more interested in the world around them and start to explore it. For this reason, it is better to secure your house for your child to be able to crawl and walk safely. Mount a baby gate if you have stairs in your house. Be sure your baby doesn’t have access to outlets. Use nice Dots Safety Plugs that will complement the design of your house.

A Baby of 9 Months

  • A humidifier. This device reduces the risk of different illnesses and allergies in children. In addition, it establishes better condition for a nursing session. I personally think that Sharp’s humidifier and purifier is amazing! We have two of them in our 3-bedroom apartment. It keeps the air humid and clean. Besides, I don’t get as bad symptoms of hay-fever as I used to.
  • A straw sippy cup. These cups are very useful and convenient. You can take it for a stroll walk. Using this cup, your child won’t be spill any liquid thanks to a straw. 

A Baby of 10 Months

  • A no-touch thermometer. When my baby runs a fever I need to know how bad it is fast. This thermometer is a must-have in our family! It is safe, quick, accurate and the best part is that you don’t have to disturb your baby to check his temperature. It’s a great catch!
  • Entertaining toys. Your child will have fun playing such a toy, find something new about the world, and improve walking skills. The 3-in-1 iPlay Baby Sit to Stand Walker Toy is a good example of an entertaining station. The Game center features driving simulation, engine ignition, a gearshift, a small detachable mobile phone, rotating rattle beads, animal pictures and more. So, your child may play with it while sitting, standing or walking.

A Baby of 11 Months

  • Snack catchers. By 11 months, your strolls last longer and in case your baby becomes hungry, you should have some food with you. Fill this BPA-free snack container  with the food your little one likes best and let them dig their fingers into it. Believe me, it makes one happy child! 
  • A car seat. Now your child can’t fit in an infant seat. You need a convertible car seat. Which one to choose? Pay your attention to the Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat. It is safe and easy to install. It has a special audible indicator that clicks when your child is fixed properly in the seat. 

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