How To Achieve A Good Breastfeeding Latch?

Breastfeeding is a very important process for a child. If your baby gets enough nutritious elements from your breast milk, they grow healthy physically and mentally. So, how can you provide proper breastfeeding?

One of the most important things in the process of breastfeeding is a good latch. Having a good latch, you and your child will enjoy the feeding process. 

Sometimes it is enough just to see another woman feeding her baby to understand the way you should do it. Other times, it takes a couple of weeks to master this skill after talking to a lactation consultant. Anyway, there are several visual signs of a correct latch.

How to make sure your baby is latching on correctly while breastfeeding? 
In this article, you will learn 7 signs of a good and poor breastfeeding latch. #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingmoms #breastfeedingproblems

What Are The Signs Of A Good Breastfeeding Latch?

  1. Good positioning of your child provides a good latch. In a process of breastfeeding, your child should take not just your nipple, but a part of the areola (dark skin around a nipple) as well.
  2. Another thing that contributes to a good latch is the right position of the lips and tongue of a child. The lips of a baby should be round and flanged outwards. The tongue should be seen in the lower corner of the mouth. 
  3. The chin and nose of a newborn should also be in contact with the mother’s breast. Cheeks (or one of them, depending on the feeding position) lie on the mother’s breast both at the beginning of the feeding and after 10, 20, 30 minutes.
  4. During breastfeeding, you should hear that your baby sucking and swallowing. There should not be any chocking or smacking sounds. 
  5. In the process of breastfeeding, there should not be any breast pain or nipple pain. And after nursing, you should feel that your breast is less full. 
  6. At the end of a feeding session, your child should look satisfied and happy. A baby can even fall asleep. 
  7. And, of course, you should notice that your baby is getting weight day by day. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Latch?

  1. During a process of breastfeeding, a newborn sucks just a nipple and does not take any areola. 
  2. The lips of a baby are tucked in a mouth. 
  3. A newborn is smacking or sucks their cheeks. 
  4. A mother feels pain in her breast and the nipples become sore. 
  5. The amount of breast milk is always low
  6. A baby does not gain enough weight or even loses some.
  7. After breastfeeding, a child looks upset or frustrated.  

You should remember, if you feel that something is wrong with your lactation and breastfeeding process, you have to immediately visit a doctor or a lactation consultant. 

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