Cooper’s Ligaments: How to Support Breast Shape While Breastfeeding?

Many women are intimidated by pregnancy and breastfeeding because they can encounter with breast sagging.

The shape of breasts is maintained by the Cooper’s ligaments, dense cords that connect breast tissue to the muscles. As any other ligament, the Cooper’s ligaments may stretch due to several factors including breastfeeding and pregnancy.

So, how can maternity influence the transformation of the breast ligaments?

How Does Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Affect Cooper’s Ligaments

The majority of moms think that breastfeeding is the culprit for the Cooper’s ligaments dropping (read: breast sagging). However, they can stretch even if you choose to not breastfeed.

This happens because pregnancy changes the shape of your breasts. They become much heavier and their size and shape change, which is the reason for straining and stretching the breast ligaments.

Another factors that contribute to the Cooper’s droop:

  • The number of pregnancies you have had. The experts say the more pregnancies you have, the looser your breasts become.
  •  Excessive weight you gain during pregnancy. In the same way, if you gain too much weight during pregnancy, the size of your breasts may change significantly.
  • Episodes of breast engorgement. Excessive milk supply may also be a reason for the stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments. Recurrent episodes of breast engorgement may lead to changes in the structure of the ligaments. 

Can You Prevent the Stretching of the Cooper’s Ligaments?

Unfortunately, no. Sooner or later your breast ligaments will stretch out. This is how time and gravity work together. But the good news is that you can slow down the loosening of these ligaments.

The answer is as simple as that: wear a bra 24/7!

  1. One good bra for pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are pregnant use a good supportive bra that will not restrict your movements but will support your breasts well.
  2. One good bra for sleeping. You can wear it at night as well. Wearing such a bra, the Cooper’s ligaments will not strain, you will feel more comfortable and preserve good shape of your breasts even after pregnancy. 
  3. One damn good and supportive bra for exercising. I would choose a special sports bra that fits perfectly. Doing your workout without a bra is a no-no. Especially, if your cup size is pretty big.

Cooper’s Ligaments and Breast Sagging

Breast sagging (or ptosis) is when the breasts lose their form and droop down. This happen because the Cooper’s ligaments stretch out. It doesn’t happen overnight, though.

While multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding may be the biggest factor that contributes to the stretching of the breast ligaments, there are some other causes of breast sagging worth pointing out:

  • Smoking! (I know, shocking. But it’s actually the MAIN culprit of breast sagging. You have to be aware of that); 
  • Your age (obviously, the older you get, the higher the chances are for Cooper’s drooper);
  • Genetics (a big one!);
  • Weight fluctuations.

Can You Fix the Cooper’s Ligaments?

The answer is “no”. The Cooper’s ligaments will strain and change the shape of your breasts. It is inevitable.  Neither is it possible to replace or strengthen these ligaments.

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your breasts after pregnancy you can consult a surgeon. Today, it is possible to reconstruct the shape of your breasts with the help of lifting procedures, breast implants or their combination. 

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