Going Paleo While Breastfeeding: Pros and Cons

There is much talk about Paleo diet that is even called a new way of life due to comprehensive changes in it. The core of the diet is based on foods of pre-historic humans. They ate mainly grains, milk products, legumes, and such diet helped them to stay in shape. As postpartum moms suffer from extra weight, some of them decide to lose weight with help of Paleo diet. For some reason, many of them do not consult doctors though this is the first thing what a breastfeeding mom should do.

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Actually, the foods, which enter the Paleo diet are harmless for the babies. What is the problem then? Many moms notice a bit later that they are not able to provide enough milk to feed the baby after they adopted Paleo lifestyle. If milk supply decreases when mom is on a diet, this is not a suitable choice for a nursing mother.

The doctor tells about the case that happened to a new mom who suffered from shortage of breast milk being on Paleo diet. Having checked up the amount of calories consumed daily, the doctor discovered that the patient didn’t get up to 40% of carbohydrates required for nursing mothers. In accordance with specialists’ recommendations, the portion of carbs in daily amount of calories should reach, at least, 45%. It is normal when this figure reaches 65%.

It is worth noting that the Paleo diet includes carbs. However, being on a diet, many people try to decrease the amount of consumed carbohydrates, and try to consume more vegetables and meat. It helps to lose weight. But it is not allowed to harm your health doing it during the breastfeeding period. The calories intake should not be lower than 1800 calories a day. Foods that contain carbohydrates are necessary for new moms. They should consume such foods as sweet potatoes, cassava or bananas.


However, this is not the only problem connected with this diet. A significant weight loss entails the release of toxins and other harmful elements contained in body fat. All this poison gets to the blood and, consequently, to the breast milk.

If you still think that you need to be on a diet, then select the safest variant of Paleo diet:

  • It should include sufficient amount of carbs;
  • You should take 1800 calories per day;
  • It is advised not to lose more than 1 pound per week;
  • Discuss it with your doctor first.


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